FIT ME! (Co-Innovation)

Foreign Individual Travelers’ hospitality and Mobility Ecosystem

The project develops mobility and tourism services for domestic and foreign individual travellers in Finland. Finland's tourism assets for international travellers are remote destinations, nature, and nature experiences. Their importance has increased during the corona pandemic. However, in sparsely populated areas, accessing nature attractions without your own car is difficult.


VED – Low-carbon, energy-efficient drones

The project develops innovative drone solutions and new environmentally-friendly practices to promote low carbon and extend the use of drone solutions to different applications. This project is a sub-project of three separate research projects comprised in different parts of the country.


Energy Efficient Methods in Arctic Traffic

FMI has long experience within intelligent traffic research in Arctic conditions. Energy-efficient and low-carbon solutions have not yet been in the focus of intelligent traffic research.


Arctic Airborne 3D

The Arctic Airborne 3D project produces industrial research using innovative drone technologies, visualization, and sensor and positioning technologies.

FIT ME! (Co-Creation)

Foreign Individual Travelers’ hospitality and Mobility Ecosystem

Foreign tourism in Finland is increasing fast and drivers for this increase are international individual travellers. Destinations in periphery, especially authentic nature and experiences related to the nature are central assets for Finnish tourism industry. Rural destinations (>80 % of Finland) are challenging to reach without a car. Especially for international traveller searching and finding alternative mobility methods and forming of travel chains is burdensome and complicated.


Digital Feel for Accurate Operation of Work Machines

Enabling heavy work machines to be operated remotely can bring many benefits, such as improved safety, ergonomics, flexibility, performance, and the structure of the machines. However, the technology currently available for remote operation does not allow for the desired level of performance, and the remote operator does not get a proper feel for the machine.