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Road safety enchancements enabled by 5G
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2.000 M€
2017-01 - 2018-12
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Informaatio- ja liikkumispalvelut
Automaatio & C-ITS
Älykäs infra
Infran ICT (tietoliikenne, IoT)

The project aims at developing solutions that improve road safety through providing novel time-critical digital services to vehicles and their drivers as well as essential information for road maintenance and other 3rd party organizations. The work is conducted in collaboration with the key Finnish research and industry players in the field.

Localized road weather services play a key role in the 5G-SAFE solution together with direct event and control information. The advanced services utilize sensor and video data, collected from the vehicles, and generate focused alerts and information to drivers, road users, and autonomous vehicle control systems.

So far, the lack of sufficient communication media has hindered the wide-scale adoption of advanced vehicular services with high reliability and low latency demands. The upcoming 5th generation (5G) mobile network technology is expected to bring a solution to this. 5G-SAFE will analyse the impact of 5G on the services, while ensuring smooth transition via current and emerging communication and cloud technologies.

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Development of 5G connectivity based automated driving functions in Sodankylä test site.
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